Monday, August 5, 2013

5 Year Anniversary

Thursday will mark the 5 year anniversary of the beginning of the Russia Georgian war.  The war ended a few hours later with the Russian Army demolishing all of the expensive runways built for the eventual attack on Iran.  Washington was peeved.  Turkey wouldn't allow them access to the Black Sea, so Treasury Secretary Paulson went to China to beg for time.  He got what he wanted, and nuclear war was averted....for a while, anyway.

Interesting interview with Medvedev here:

Such a week really demands a book written by an insider, not speculation by a know-nothing like myself.  Unfortunately, anyone on the inside who breaks the code of silence is ripped to shreds.  Personally, I'm convinced most of the "whistle-blowers" are just pretending.  The government wants to make an example out of some one before anyone actually spills any beans.

At any rate, 8/8/8 was not destined to go down as the spark for WW3.  What will the date actually be?  Would anyone out there care to guess?  Right now, if I had to bet....I'd be thinking the last week in September, but no one ever went broke betting against me!  LOL.

The Armenians and Azerbaijanis have traded cease fire violations again today.

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