Monday, November 18, 2013

From Georgia with Love

According to the Russian UN delegation, everyone's favorite whipping boy, Saakashvili, launched a tirade not just against Russia, but against Russian history.

Labeling him as clearly unstable and needing professional mental help, the Russians walked out on his speech of September 25.  Even though Saakashvili's time in office is coming to an end, this can't bode well for Georgian/Russian relations.  Let's not forget, Georgia tweaked the Bear's nose during the Olympics in Beijing.  Could a repeat performance during the Sochi games be ruled out?  Stay tuned!

Coincidentally enough, Saakashvili posed for photos warmly shaking the hand of Turkey's president, Abdullah Gül, who according to News.Az,  "thanked" him for the cooperation and good relations with Turkey during his term as president.  

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