Friday, November 29, 2013

Thawing a frozen conflict?

At 10:24 GMT on November 29, the News Az website was trumpeting the good news announced in Turkey that Yerevan was going to withdraw from two "occupied Azeri regions."   Less than one hour later,  Azerbaijani MP, Asim Mollazade, was quoted by the same site as saying this was nothing more than more lies from Armenia, and that they should return every inch of Azeri territory forthwith.

Is this all just political theater?  I don't know.  Clearly, the Ukraine joining the Russian Eurasian Customs Union must be upsetting to the Azeris.

In other news, Azeri bureaucrats accuse Armenia of "hydro terror" for not maintaining the Sarsang reservoir adequately.  It is a man made lake and damn built during Soviet times in the NK area.

Finally, on the website, a "Iskandaryan" assures readers that Putin's upcoming visit to Yerevan will cement Russia's strategic commitment to Armenia, though this commitment will not interfere with Russian business interests in Azerbaijan.

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