Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hello World!  I have been following the events and studying some of the history in the south Caucasus for over a year now.  In spite of the near spark of WW3 in Georgia in 2008, there has been painfully little coverage of the area in the so-called alternative media.  The MSM, of course, doesn't know it exists.  I chose the title for this blog from a statement from Russia's Deputy Prime Minister for the Defense Industry, Dmitri Rogozin who said something to the effect of Russia's policy to it's defense being to use a 'velvet glove with an iron fist.'  It's sort of like FDR's policy of "walk softly and carry a big stick."

Anyway, I am going to try to dedicate a 1/2 hour per day on the subject until the nuclear bombs start going off.  The hatreds seem to run deep in that part of the world.  Americans are only allowed a superficial and commercial version of hatred.  We have no tribe or collective memory.  The television screen guides us from one villain to another located in places we've never heard of or could even find on a map.  The south Caucasus (SC) on the other hand, have grudges and disputes that go back centuries.  Grudges that they claim have resulted in genocides.  My intention is not lay opinion on these disputes, rather, if there is anyone in the world interested in the subject, I'll do my best to explain them to the best of my ability.  Unfortunately, I don't think I can do the topic justice in the short time available before the shooting starts.

Of course, the fighting won't be limited the SC anymore than WW1 was limited to the Balkans, but that was the spark that led to deaths of countless millions of people.  The Balkans were worth watching in 1913-1914, as the SC are worth watching today.

I'm not of professional blogger, so this will all take part very much in my limited spare time.


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