Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where's the Humanity?

According to, Azerbaijan is 'blaming' both Greece and Cyprus of selling French/German missiles to the Armenians for the last few years.  What troubles me here is not missiles were sold or who is selling them or where they're headed.  I'm confused by the term "blame."  Perhaps it's just a bad translation, but it really lacks any punch.  Unless it's said by someone so powerful, that their mere displeasure is enough to scare the bejesus out of you.  If Don Corleone said he blamed you for something, you would either run for your life, or beg for forgiveness.  I doubt Azerbaijan's frown carries that much weight.

Perhaps the significance in this is that Greece is trying to distance itself from NATO (ie Turkey) and the genocidal EU.  Who knows?  WW3 is going to be mostly fought behind the scenes.  The world is far too poor to field standing armies, and the weapons are so powerful as to make any substantial conglomeration of troops nothing more sitting ducks.  This is going to be more a game of poker than a football game.  However, don't be too surprised if someone finally has their bluff called.  The Light Show will be legendary!

In other news, the Kyiv Post, reports that the US has an illegal biological laboratory in Georgia.  This is puzzling.  What could they be making there that they couldn't make better and cheaper in the US and then ship to Georgia?  Beats me, unless there is some new compound that doesn't travel well and must be made in large enough quantities to really make an impact in a regional war.  Then again, maybe it isn't true at all?

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