Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Not much happening today.  This might be a good opportunity to do cover some of the background, but I'll have to see if I have the time and energy later on.  According to an Azerbaijani news site (APA), an Iranian Ambassador affirms that “Peace and security won’t be achieved in the region, unless the Nagorno Karabakh conflict is solved”.  Yes, that is the whole crux of the issue is it not?  Another tiny plot of land that has the capacity to bring the world to the point of a hellish conflagration.  Of course, the land and the issues behind it or not so important in and of themselves.  It is simply where Russia and Iran have decided to draw the line.  NK will remain independent/Armenian come hell or high water.  The "West" has armed Azerbaijan to the teeth, and it has Turkey's implicit backing.  More on this later..

Georgia's president Saakashvili has accused the Russia of bribing his own prime minister.  Russia is also guilty of sabotaging the Georgian nation and provoking it countless nefarious ways.  Strong words for a president who launched a losing war against the same Russia just 5 years ago.  Some people never learn. :(

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